s/s 2019 LOOK BOOK

In the summer ten years ago, I started learning drawing in a shing village with no streetlight near Xiamen. The summer there is always humid; thunderstorm would come at dusk, sudden while destined. The storm calmed as well as excited me.
A green papaya tree about two-story tall stood outside of my studio. The large fruits made me worry if they would suddenly fall.

I watched The Scent of Green Papaya that summer. It talks about a young girl Mui from a rural area working as a maid in an a uent family. The lm looks at the world through Mui’s lens and nds beauty in the small details of the surroundings of the household, water droplets trembling on leaves, lines of colorful bugs running around, dots of sunlight speckled on the ground through the undergrowth and the scent of green papaya.
I opened the lm again this year in a summer lled with whirling leaves as ten years ago. The green foliage and nourishing rain fashion the spirit of my SS19 collection.