Green Papaya

S/S 2019



//One piece knit: Apart from a few stitches on the pattern, the garment is seamless. The two completely di erent textures are intricately knitted together into one piece.

//Knitting Woven: Traditional knitting cannot be cut and sewn because of its loose structure; any cutting will break the knit into pieces. Chen writes computer programs for machines to create densely knitted fabrics that can be manipulated like woven materials while keeping the elasticity and softness of the knit. 

//Reversibility: The unique technique makes the outside and the inside of the knitwear equally neat; they could even feature different patterns and colors. 

//Minimal Maintenance: The densely knitted fabrics hardly wrinkle and machine wash will not shrink it, unlike traditional knitwear. 

//Clean Edge: None extra human touch is needed for the finishing because they are all done as a whole in the knitting process.

//Posh Yet Mobile: Move freely. The chic garment does not constrain mobility. Its elastic fabrics allow wide-range stretches for comfortable movements.

//Melt & Form: Melting yarn is inter-knitted throughout the hat. The softened heated yarn reshapes the form and becomes the structure when it cools down.